Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I think we forget

I love to watch historical dramas and as I sat watching one about WW2. I thought how much we seem to just gloss over in the history books and how much words on a page can never tell us about. The numbers and letters on a page can be so heartless. And then the people living in america felt so much of the war kinda by remote there has not been war in the United States since the civil war sure we send our troops but the every day people did not have to live through bombing rads here in america.
I have a direct interest in WW2 because my Heritage is German directly through my mother she was born there a product of the american presence in  Germany. Then my grandparents on my dads side both served during the war my grandfather enlisted just after Pearl Harbor. My mother was adopted by americans and again I have further connection to those who lived and served during WW2. Her adoptive Father was a general.
Any way I think we miss the point that people lost there lives whether that was for time sacrificeing to the great cause or whether that was forever.
They could not live for 6 years the world stopped living and started fighting is it any wonder we had the baby boom? People learned we could kill each other so fast no one would know it was coming, And kill each other so slowly no one knew it was happening 50 million people lost their lives in this conflict do we even half understand that number? I wish I could say we learned something from all of that, That at the end of the day it was worth the fighting and the killing because we stopped doing it and finally learned to get along. But how many more have lost there lives since? I wish I could make sense of it all but I cant and as I think of all the terrible things that I have seen happen in my life time. I have to wonder why it needs to continue any longer but I guess it is up to Heavenly Father to decided when we are done.
But we can still make our little coner of the world a more beautiful place please go out in honor of all the dead in all the wars, and do something to make better the world they died trying to save. And remember that Memorial Day is not just the begining of summer it is a day set apart to remember.