Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thanks be to Heaven for pure minds and hearts!

Today I am thinking of how grateful I am for young children, and the beauty of their pure minds. As I was listening to some of my favorite music with words that are innocent enough, still I was surprised at how sad the thoughts were. But my nieces played on not really thinking about the words and there meaning. It certainly reminded me how sweet and innocent their little minds are how pure how simple. I was certainly wishing, that I could return to that mind. A mind so innocent and pure that I cannot imagine what it means to have ghost of your past hunting you or even that darkness can be comforting because the light is unforgiving in its truthfulness.
They forgive wrongs and love you even a moment after you have done something like break a promise. Oh how I wish I could have such an angel heart but I am often cruel and punishing towards those that do me wrong. I often enjoy songs with dark themes because of hidden anger. My suggestion for myself and all of you is to take a lesson from children and forgive to forget and ignore the worst find the best and find reasons to take a moment to wonder at something new be child like and less childish.