Monday, April 8, 2013

ode to spring!!!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year :) I love everything about spring, from the rain to the sunshine nothing makes me more serene then the way the earth renews itself in spring. The smell is so glorious a combination of wet spring rain, the perfect breeze, and sunshine. I love the birds sweet happy tune, I love the warm but not to warm temperatures and I love being able to be out side with no mosquitoes buzzing in my ears.
Flowers are a great joy on this earth, the way they break forth with strength and beauty reminding us that winter is never forever. I love lighter fabric and brighter colors no more coats and heavy sweaters Spring is my joy and my peace knowing it will always come at the end of winter :). Now stop reading this blog and enjoy the beautiful gift we have been given of a wonderful world that renews itself every year.