Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentines Post

These are a few of my thoughts when I was very on the subject of love, I think some days that I knew more then than I do now. Love is so complex at least we make it so 

Love is not in the lightening

Love is not in the whirlwind, loves is in the breeze brushing your face as gentle as a whisper.  Love is not in the in the lightening, flashing in an instant then gone. Love is as the sunshine bright, warm constant. Clouds may appear to obscure, but love is still there warm and gentle. Love is not in the earth quake shaking violently changing the earth. Love is in the river slowly moving across the earth gently smoothing earth to a perfect shape,  most of all love is not a shooting star firing across the sky a quick blazing instant instead it is the stars dotting the night sky forever in their place.


Hearts, flowers, and candy all given in the name of love. Yet they are only things given with a word that means more than any of these how sweet how gentle the word yet still only a word that they gave to explain all that is inside a soul but a word that means so much more it is an emotional connection that remains long past the moments that created it past looks past even time for our thoughts are part of the universe they go on forever love so often said yet rarely truly given for it is far more precious than any diamond or gold for none of these go on forever.