Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentines Post

These are a few of my thoughts when I was very on the subject of love, I think some days that I knew more then than I do now. Love is so complex at least we make it so 

Love is not in the lightening

Love is not in the whirlwind, loves is in the breeze brushing your face as gentle as a whisper.  Love is not in the in the lightening, flashing in an instant then gone. Love is as the sunshine bright, warm constant. Clouds may appear to obscure, but love is still there warm and gentle. Love is not in the earth quake shaking violently changing the earth. Love is in the river slowly moving across the earth gently smoothing earth to a perfect shape,  most of all love is not a shooting star firing across the sky a quick blazing instant instead it is the stars dotting the night sky forever in their place.


Hearts, flowers, and candy all given in the name of love. Yet they are only things given with a word that means more than any of these how sweet how gentle the word yet still only a word that they gave to explain all that is inside a soul but a word that means so much more it is an emotional connection that remains long past the moments that created it past looks past even time for our thoughts are part of the universe they go on forever love so often said yet rarely truly given for it is far more precious than any diamond or gold for none of these go on forever.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things that inspire me

  1. one of my Favorite songs ever by Natasha Bedingfiel
  2. I recently have been reading a great book entitled The Bonds that make us free.  In the 1st chapter it quotes Dostoyvsky’s The Devils  “All my life I have been Lying. Even when I told the truth. For I never told the truth for its own sake but only for my own.” This quote shook me and told me things about myself and others that I would have never thought before I recommend the book very highly and hope to learn to tell the truth for its own sake.
  3.  One of my favorite books of all time; I have taken to the habit of reading it at least once a year is Jane Eyre.  The character of Jane Eyre, I think is very admirable her strength of conviction, sense of integrity, and over all will to live free from blame truly inspires me. Though she is fictional, and therefore I am sure in some people’s mind an unimaginable person to ever actually exist. I believe that it speaks much to the human capacity of great and admirable qualities simply in the fact a human heart even conceived such a character. We can and should be more and in our souls we desire to be more. It is possible if we just believe in ourselves and our own power to change even the smallest part of the world. To simply do the right thing because it is right not because it is easy or convenient to ourselves and our own goals.
  4. One of my favorite movies that inspires me is Eat, Pray, Love (yeah I know it is a book as well). I love this idea of a journey of self discovery. Weather that journey takes us around the world or around the corner. If we choose to ask to be taught about what is truly important, I believe the Universal power will teach us through our experiences. If we are in tune, He is already teaching us if we take the time to enjoy the life he has given us. Pray; talk to the Universal power something is out there I call him God or Heavenly Father, the name is not as important as the effort we take to commune with the universal power and ourselves there is a spark of good in all of us and if we learn to listen to that spark we can be a light to the world. When we truly commune with the Universal power he will teach us to Eat, Pray, and most of all LOVE. With all our hearts; through honesty and true shared experience. I believe there is another person out there that needs us as much as we need them, to walk through this life with.  They will teach us things about ourselves, and the world we live in that we could never conceive of on our own. If we learn to look for that person with true openness of heart they will walk in and bring light to our understanding and more Eternal Beauty to our lives then by any other means possible.
  5.  Starry Night my Favorite painting also a reminder to never take a true artist for granted. Though sometimes great beauty comes through great adversity thank you Vincent Von Gough.   

Monday, February 4, 2013

First poem

Today, I thought I might get going on my other promises. I am a writer, I write mostly poetry, I do write stories but not as many. Good news is, this means I will be providing a story in the near future as once a month or so, chapter by chapter installments.  Anyway, on to today’s feature--a poem!! This one was written a few years ago, I believe in a writing spree I went through for about two weeks I was feeling political and philosophical and I produced like half a dozen poems.
Humanity, oh will we ever learn
or see ourselves for our possibilities
we are grand and strong
small and weak,  we are brilliant
we can destroy the world or create a better one
how will you choose to change this world
by seeing humanities faults or virtues
by degrading and being petty
being the worst
while thinking to point the finger at the worst
or find in the mirror that the greatest chance
to change the world starts there
for if you want change
first start with the one reflected there
oh humanity will you ever see
your own nobility
beauty and strength
or will you forever see the worst
please note: I do have original hand written copies of this please do not steal

Friday, February 1, 2013

 This is the glass rose that started the name and philosophy.
 One of my late grandfather's paintings he was one of my inspirations
 My own Painting
Don't forget to find beauty around you


I am a fan of the alarm clock--or I guess these days my alarms on my phone. Without my alarms, I would always be even later then I already am (I am a big fan of snooze too).  I would also forget to do things I am supposed to be doing so calendar and alerts on my phone once again saves my skin. On the other hand, it is also my worst enemy. It runs our lives from wake up to going to sleep, it gets us to where we are supposed to be but where are we going and are we paying attention to whom we are becoming as we go about doing the things we are supposed to be doing?
I know this is not a new thought or original idea. People have been questioning what the technology is doing to the human experience since the wheel was invented. So I am just putting my two cents in to tell the world that those among us who wonder may have a point and I hope today you may look around and spend a minute not looking at your clock. Perhaps you even could take a day and do what you want to do, not even what you think you’re supposed to do as you relax because that is once again doing what you’re supposed to do. I don’t mean to put new expectations on you. What I mean and I will use myself as an example is do what makes the world disappear from around you. If I am having that moment it is usually when I am writing, painting, crafting or reading. I have this moment when I am listening to the music I always have in the background, and I become so absorbed by whatever I am working on that I am no longer there. Emotionally, I am 100% given to the painting and I love that sense of diving into my work. Now we all know that some among us get to have this feeling every time they do the thing that makes them money, but, you know what, they are the exception. They are rare, but that does not mean that you should not take time and do what you love. Turn off the alarms. You should never have something to pull you back to reality when you are giving yourself over to what you love. Whether you are going to be praised for it or not, someone who loves you will love it as much as you do whatever you do, even if it is making a basket in a basketball game, painting, running, or writing, whatever makes you disappear into yourself and the busy world of technology not matter anymore.