Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I think we forget

I love to watch historical dramas and as I sat watching one about WW2. I thought how much we seem to just gloss over in the history books and how much words on a page can never tell us about. The numbers and letters on a page can be so heartless. And then the people living in america felt so much of the war kinda by remote there has not been war in the United States since the civil war sure we send our troops but the every day people did not have to live through bombing rads here in america.
I have a direct interest in WW2 because my Heritage is German directly through my mother she was born there a product of the american presence in  Germany. Then my grandparents on my dads side both served during the war my grandfather enlisted just after Pearl Harbor. My mother was adopted by americans and again I have further connection to those who lived and served during WW2. Her adoptive Father was a general.
Any way I think we miss the point that people lost there lives whether that was for time sacrificeing to the great cause or whether that was forever.
They could not live for 6 years the world stopped living and started fighting is it any wonder we had the baby boom? People learned we could kill each other so fast no one would know it was coming, And kill each other so slowly no one knew it was happening 50 million people lost their lives in this conflict do we even half understand that number? I wish I could say we learned something from all of that, That at the end of the day it was worth the fighting and the killing because we stopped doing it and finally learned to get along. But how many more have lost there lives since? I wish I could make sense of it all but I cant and as I think of all the terrible things that I have seen happen in my life time. I have to wonder why it needs to continue any longer but I guess it is up to Heavenly Father to decided when we are done.
But we can still make our little coner of the world a more beautiful place please go out in honor of all the dead in all the wars, and do something to make better the world they died trying to save. And remember that Memorial Day is not just the begining of summer it is a day set apart to remember.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thanks be to Heaven for pure minds and hearts!

Today I am thinking of how grateful I am for young children, and the beauty of their pure minds. As I was listening to some of my favorite music with words that are innocent enough, still I was surprised at how sad the thoughts were. But my nieces played on not really thinking about the words and there meaning. It certainly reminded me how sweet and innocent their little minds are how pure how simple. I was certainly wishing, that I could return to that mind. A mind so innocent and pure that I cannot imagine what it means to have ghost of your past hunting you or even that darkness can be comforting because the light is unforgiving in its truthfulness.
They forgive wrongs and love you even a moment after you have done something like break a promise. Oh how I wish I could have such an angel heart but I am often cruel and punishing towards those that do me wrong. I often enjoy songs with dark themes because of hidden anger. My suggestion for myself and all of you is to take a lesson from children and forgive to forget and ignore the worst find the best and find reasons to take a moment to wonder at something new be child like and less childish.

Monday, April 15, 2013

living life

My life is at times very boring, I live in a mid size, mid western town where there is not a lot to do. This year as I celebrated yet another 20 something birthday in the same town I graduated High School in. I took a few chances to live a little, I am pleased to say I checked something off my things to do before I die list and served my family and friends.
So one of the things I got to do was to try a new food, one of those crazy foods that you see people eating on tv raving about and you kinda hmmmm....... are they just saying that to get me to eat it even though it is really very gross? Any way for my birthday dinner my mom and I went out to my favorite meal of sushi and since I have been wanting to try sea urchin for years I decided to go for it (picture below) and it was an amazing experience one I hope was not a once in a life time.
During my nieces spring break I get a text from the mom of one of my nieces best friends mom she tells me that my niece cant come over for a sleep over because her daughter is in the children's hospital down in Indianapolis. So what else could we do but go to see her and that is exactly what we did. Then later we visited my 87 year old grandmother in Cincinnati. We served we loved our friends and family. This is the purpose of our lives to serve and love one another.
So I can say with honesty that you to should go out and do something make to make the world a more beautiful place and take advantage where ever you are of the wonderful world we already live in.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

re launch of my blog

Sometimes you need to take a step back from something especially when you decided it is going to be a thing you hope to make your career. I happen to be very frightened of making those sorts of decisions. I say I am not but I am. I suppose it is because I don’t ever want to make what I do to become something I hate. There are other reasons but I am keeping those to myself.
At any rate I am back, with a new mission! My New mission which I suppose is really the same reason just condensed and I am backing out of a few of my promises. First the new mission is simply this to inspire to see the beauty in life. Whether that is in everyday things or in an extraordinary experience. Also to express my gratitude for my extraordinary life and to tell you a few of things that I learn along my way. It seems to me that some of us are born to put into words the things we learn. I believe we are all learning things together as a human family but sometimes some of us need to put it in to langue that is insightful. I think I have a gift for insight and I love the idea of using my life and experience to help others in life. I also love learning from others and look foreword to hearing from my readers so do not hesitate to reply and start a conversation. I recently had a great chance to learn from others and it gave me insight into myself and I am very grateful for my good fortune in life. I have had a blessing to be born into a rather interesting family and maybe when I have dedication, I will write it all down actually I have already began but I find it some what difficult to get thru a life barely begun.
One thing I know for sure is my life would be dull and grey without music and that is one thing I need to never ever forget. For me life is brighter and better with music and I hope you all can find what makes your days brighter. I have found myself feeling darker lately and then I listened to the kind of music that makes me smile (British don’t ask me why but some days I wonder if I was born in the right country).
The one thing I will not be doing on my blog is sharing my recipes that is not because I don't want to share my food with the world. It is because of the way I cook, I use my nose to smell when things are right and I measure very little of my ingredients. I will share with you about any new remarkable food experience occasionally as long as it is more about living life and less about food.
At the end I want to tell you the world is more beautiful than we let it be go out trust more, love more and brighten the world with any little thing you can do. Have a great day and I will be back with another post within the week.

Monday, April 8, 2013

ode to spring!!!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year :) I love everything about spring, from the rain to the sunshine nothing makes me more serene then the way the earth renews itself in spring. The smell is so glorious a combination of wet spring rain, the perfect breeze, and sunshine. I love the birds sweet happy tune, I love the warm but not to warm temperatures and I love being able to be out side with no mosquitoes buzzing in my ears.
Flowers are a great joy on this earth, the way they break forth with strength and beauty reminding us that winter is never forever. I love lighter fabric and brighter colors no more coats and heavy sweaters Spring is my joy and my peace knowing it will always come at the end of winter :). Now stop reading this blog and enjoy the beautiful gift we have been given of a wonderful world that renews itself every year.