Monday, April 15, 2013

living life

My life is at times very boring, I live in a mid size, mid western town where there is not a lot to do. This year as I celebrated yet another 20 something birthday in the same town I graduated High School in. I took a few chances to live a little, I am pleased to say I checked something off my things to do before I die list and served my family and friends.
So one of the things I got to do was to try a new food, one of those crazy foods that you see people eating on tv raving about and you kinda hmmmm....... are they just saying that to get me to eat it even though it is really very gross? Any way for my birthday dinner my mom and I went out to my favorite meal of sushi and since I have been wanting to try sea urchin for years I decided to go for it (picture below) and it was an amazing experience one I hope was not a once in a life time.
During my nieces spring break I get a text from the mom of one of my nieces best friends mom she tells me that my niece cant come over for a sleep over because her daughter is in the children's hospital down in Indianapolis. So what else could we do but go to see her and that is exactly what we did. Then later we visited my 87 year old grandmother in Cincinnati. We served we loved our friends and family. This is the purpose of our lives to serve and love one another.
So I can say with honesty that you to should go out and do something make to make the world a more beautiful place and take advantage where ever you are of the wonderful world we already live in.