Monday, February 4, 2013

First poem

Today, I thought I might get going on my other promises. I am a writer, I write mostly poetry, I do write stories but not as many. Good news is, this means I will be providing a story in the near future as once a month or so, chapter by chapter installments.  Anyway, on to today’s feature--a poem!! This one was written a few years ago, I believe in a writing spree I went through for about two weeks I was feeling political and philosophical and I produced like half a dozen poems.
Humanity, oh will we ever learn
or see ourselves for our possibilities
we are grand and strong
small and weak,  we are brilliant
we can destroy the world or create a better one
how will you choose to change this world
by seeing humanities faults or virtues
by degrading and being petty
being the worst
while thinking to point the finger at the worst
or find in the mirror that the greatest chance
to change the world starts there
for if you want change
first start with the one reflected there
oh humanity will you ever see
your own nobility
beauty and strength
or will you forever see the worst
please note: I do have original hand written copies of this please do not steal