Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I am still young

So, today I was reminded that in my rather small world of being LDS I am approaching the "lost cause" category of singleness a dreaded fate in the culture. I said culture because the beliefs are very different and understand all of us have unique situations. Still most of my peers are working on their second or even 3rd kid and have been married for 5 plus years. They have no concept of my life and have no ability to sympathize with my feelings of being lonely and some how a failure. The biggest problem is really with my own feelings because in there place I would have said the same things. I thought exactly the same way but now I am living the side that I was afraid to ever be on over 25 and still unmarried. However truly I am young, very young in fact and many older parents are better parents. Also I have a few reasons to rejoice that I am over 25 and unmarried. First of all I can just go on a trip because I feel like it no worries about takeing young children along. Second when I turned 25 and had that quarter life crises thinking OMG is this all there is???? I was not married and trying to get out of that, I just wanted to get out of my quiet life in Indiana. Third there is plenty of time to figure out a few things about myself like what I want to study, my life possiblities are wide open. So does it still seem like a curse some days yes, but I am still YOUNG, there is so much out there to experience and I have experienced things I would have never experienced if I had gotten married younger. So I guess my impartive to you today would be count your blessings and find the blessings in your trails. Life is trying to teach you something learn it. I am working on learning my lessons and through guidence I am certain I will.