Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rain Storm

Rain Storm 
Flash of lightening 
roll of thunder 
still I step out 
the sky is grey and moody
yet to me 
there is something
peaceful in it 

Another Roll of Thunder 
I feel the drops of rain 
first on the top of my head
then all over my body 
penetrating my clothes 
I am wet 
but I feel beautiful
Another Roll of Thunder 

I look into the sky
to feel the rain 
on my face 
to thank Heavenly Father
for the gift 
what others call disagreeable whether
I find joy and peace in 
Another Roll of Thunder 

I love the silence 
of a million rain drops
falling to the ground
hitting leaves 
along the way 
the storm has calmed
my storm within my soul
Another Roll of Thunder 

Some of my fellow beings 
look and stare 
at the girl walking in the rain 
with the serene smile 
though they do not 
know none can know
my secret the truth 
I walk in the rain because of him