Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glad to be me :)

Some may question my choices some may wonder at my wisdom. However I know I am doing the right thing with my life so that is what really counts. I may have days where everything over whelms me and I need to cry and maybe that is a sign of weakness or deep unhappiness but I believe that it is a sign that my life is tough but I am unbroken and unbreakable.
I am so glad to be me, to have a family I love with a fierceness few will ever know. I am glad to be strong enough to handle a strange situation. I am glad to be able to look out in to the world and see its beauty even on the worst days. I stop to smell the roses, see the clouds, watch the sun set, notice the patterns in the stars and so much more around me every day. Just glad to be me. Who am I? I am who I choose to be. My challenge is to think about why you are glad to be you, go out and smell the roses. Enjoy the way you see the world no one else will ever see it quite the way you do.
My most recent work celebrating the wonderful world I see