Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Silence Trilogy

These are some of my poems and a recent painting I did as a visual repersentation of my orginal poems. The Poems are all from my teen years and early twenties, however all very recently revised. So I hope you all enjoy

Shadows Of Silence 
I do not hide 
in ordinary shadows 
I hide in the shadow of silence
My own silence 
self consuming silence 
No one hears 
the words in my mind
words I would speak
yet no courage was I given
So I remain in the shadows of silence. 
The shadow of silence 
all consuming silence 
swallows my word 
my song my voice 
my smile my heart 
The shadows of silence 
has swallowed everything 
No light penetrates 
nothing penetrates 
my shadow of silence. 

The Sound Of Silence 
The sound of silence in my mind 
more deafening than a thousand screams 
waiting for words to trickle 
from the top of my mind 
to the tip of my pen 
where the ink will seep out
to the clean white sheet 
till it forms sentences 
and paragraphs 
until then the sound of silence
screams in my ears 
screaming the words 
unformed and unable to be 

There Is Silence Once Again
There is silence again 
consuming silence
light cannot penetrate 
the silence 
I am alone in the solemn night
no place to rest 
my weary head 
no hand 
to hold my lone hand 
will joy ever find me 
will my heart ever find 
a place to trust and love 
the silence
has come a fog deep 
upon my eyes 
within my soul I find darkness 
noting gets in or 
out from the silence